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Porcelain Veneers – Florham Park, NJ

Your Smile and Confidence Rejuvenated

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While your smile imperfections may be causing big issues in your life, like lost confidence, poor interactions with the people you meet and missed opportunities for career advancement, a tiny cosmetic fixture can make a world of difference. The road to smile redemption starts by simply reaching out to our Florham Park office to schedule a consultation. When you visit, Dr. Carollo or Dr. Sufian will carefully examine your teeth to determine whether the porcelain veneers process is right for you. Once you’re deemed a good candidate, we can move forward with creating the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us today to get started!

What are Porcelain Veneers?

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Porcelain veneers are amazingly-thin slithers of high-grade ceramics that pack a big punch. The tooth-colored fixtures are custom-designed to mask those nagging smile flaws that have forced you to put a great deal of your life on hold. With over 30 years of experience providing the best in dental care, Dr. Carollo has seen and revamped his fair share of smiles.

Therefore, when he places a new set of veneers, you can expect your life to take a positive turn, and you shouldn’t be alarmed if you find yourself smiling for no apparent reason!

The Problems Porcelain Veneers Solve

porcelain veneers sliding over teeth

When a new set of porcelain veneers is added to your front-facing teeth, problems like minor gaps, minimal misalignment, crowding and crookedness can finally be overcome. To qualify for the procedure, though, you’ll need to have good oral health first. That means any plaque development or decay on your teeth or along the gum line will need to be addressed. This will ensure you won’t have any unwanted hiccups in the future that could ruin your new smile.

How the Porcelain Veneers Process Works

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With the skilled hands of your cosmetic dentist, the placement of your porcelain veneers is rather simple. The two-visit procedure includes the following steps:

Dr. Carollo and Dr. Sufian understand that you want more from your teeth than just functionality, and that feeling good about yourself is an important part of your overall health. That’s why when you visit for a consultation, they’ll sit down and listen to your concerns so the two of you can perfectly collaborate to create the type of smile you’ve always wanted. The path to your happiness starts by reaching out to our office to schedule a visit today!