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Orthodontic Services – Florham Park, NJ

Creating Beautiful New Smiles

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Why should you have to live with crooked teeth? John A. Carollo, DMD, can help patients young and old straighten their smiles with a variety of orthodontic treatments. Straightening your teeth doesn’t just improve your appearance; it also makes it easier to clean your pearly whites and reduces the wear and tear that often occurs when your bite has been misaligned. Below are some of the options that will leave you with a healthier, more beautiful grin.



Many adults wish they could correct the crooked teeth they see in the mirror each day, but they may be hesitant to get braces. Invisalign provides an attractive, convenient alternative. You’ll wear a series of clear plastic aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day, switching to a new aligner every two weeks or so. Most people won’t even notice you’re wearing the aligners, and since they’re removable, you can still enjoy all your favorite meals during your treatment!

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Invisalign Teen

Teen with Invisalign

Invisalign is also an option for teenagers are self-conscious about their appearance. Invisalign Teen works similarly to the regular version, but each aligner will have a small dot on the back that changes color from blue to clear or white the more it’s worn; this gives parents a way to confirm that their teens are complying with the treatment. You’ll also receive a larger number of replacement aligners in case a set is broken or lost on accident.

Traditional Braces


There are some situations – specifically, those involving severe orthodontic issues that can’t be corrected with Invisalign – where a traditional approach is the best. Traditional metal braces are the oldest form of orthodontic treatment. They’re usually comprised of brackets anchored by orthodontic bands and connected by arch wires. They apply continuous pressure on your teeth, gradually shifting them to a new position. Compared to other orthodontic treatments, metal braces are typically more durable.

Clear/Ceramic Braces

Like traditional braces, ceramic braces use brackets and wires to make the desired adjustments. However, the ceramic brackets used for this treatment are see-through, allowing them to blend in with your teeth. This helps bring you the advantages of braces without drawing too much attention to your appearance. Typically, clear/ceramic braces are used for the upper teeth; if we decide you need braces, we’ll thoroughly consider the changes needed before recommending ceramic braces as an option.

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Dr. Carollo and Dr. Sufian offer a free consultation for patients interested in an orthodontic procedure! Please contact our office today to schedule an appointment. During this time, you’ll engage in one-on-one conversation with Dr. Carollo or Dr. Sufian where you’ll discuss your specific dental and orthodontic needs. Our office manager will also discuss the fees involved and let you know if your dental insurance will cover the procedure. With the use of 3D graphics and clinical photographs, we can even show you several clinical cases that are similar to yours so that you can have a more complete idea of what your smile will look like following treatment!