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Dental Insurance Questions

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Do You Have Dental Insurance Questions? We Have Answers

Dental insurance is an important part of maintaining good oral health. It makes trips to the dentist more affordable; which helps you and your family get the regular dental care needed to stay healthy. However, you should know that some dental insurance plans do not cover all types of procedures. For example, if you need a filling on a cavity, your dental plan might only allow for you to get an amalgam filling rather than a composite filling. If you want a composite filling, you might have to pay the difference out of pocket, despite your dental insurance coverage. Also, most dental insurance companies do not cover cosmetic dental work, such as teeth whitening. We do ask that patients understand the limitations of their own coverage and take responsibility for the portion of the bill that isn’t covered by insurance. Our fees are determined based on time, materials, and overhead costs.

What Type of Dental Insurance Does Dr. Carollo and Dr. Sufian Accept?

Dr. Carollo & Dr. Sufian are a Premier Provider of Delta Dental. More dentists participate in the national Delta Dental Premier network than any other dental network in the country. However, our office is willing to work with any insurance company by filing your insurance information for you.

What Type of Dental Insurance Do You Have?

There are four main types of dental insurance plans:

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We are well-versed in the latest coverage trends and are more than happy to discuss the particulars of your plan prior to any treatment you may undergo. Our financial coordinator will help you with all of your insurance and financial arrangements. Make an appointment with Dr. Carollo or Dr. Sufian today for the dental care you need to stay healthy tomorrow.