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Veneers Florham Park Residents Trust to Create a Perfect Smile

September 15, 2015

Woman with a beautiful smile thanks to the veneers florham park residents loveStains, chips, unevenness–on one tooth or many, imperfections are noticeable to others and embarrassing to you. Short of refinishing with porcelain crowns or lengthy orthodontic treatment, what’s your solution? It could be Florham park porcelain veneers.

What are porcelain veneers?

Offered by Florham Park dentist, Dr. John A. Carollo, porcelain veneers, also called dental laminates, are a minimally-invasive, durable and beautiful way to improve the look of one or more teeth spoiled by stains, chips, cracks or other cosmetic defects. Custom-made according to Dr. Carollo’s treatment plan, porcelain veneers are super-thin, color-matched and perfectly shaped to compliment a smile and facial contours.

To begin the veneer procedure, Dr. Carollo does a basic smile analysis, including:

  • a complete oral exam
  • x-rays and other imaging
  • a “mock-up” of what the patient will look like with the veneers

If a patient is a good candidate, with no decay, gum disease or extensive restorations (fillings, crowns, etc.), Dr. Carollo carefully removes a thin slice of enamel (½ mm) from the front side of each tooth to be renewed with a veneer. This preparation usually requires no local anesthesia, but may leave a little residual sensitivity.

The dentist then takes impressions and sends them to an outside lab where a ceramist crafts the veneers. He or she applies the veneers to a model of the patient’s mouth, ensuring that the veneers will look natural and bite together properly.

During the next appointment, Dr. Carollo carefully glues the porcelain veneers in place, adjusting the color with the actual bonding cement and ensuring the shape, fit and bit are perfect. Patients testify that their Florham Park veneers make their smiles look renewed and beautiful. Plus, veneers are durable, lasting for years and resisting stains from food, beverages and smoking better than natural tooth enamel does.

Caring for Florham Park veneers is like caring for natural teeth

Teeth covered with porcelain veneers do not require special care. Simply brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, and floss daily to remove food residues and plaque from between the teeth. Get semi-annual checkups and cleanings with Dr. Carollo, and while veneers are long-lasting and strong, treat them gently. In other words, don’t chew ice or peanut brittle, and refrain from biting fingernails or tearing plastic packaging with your veneers. These things aren’t good for untreated teeth either!

Simply put, would you like your smile to look better?

If yes, contact Dr. John A Carollo and ask about porcelain veneers and the other cosmetic dental services he offers from his Florham Park office. In-office and at-home Opalescence teeth whitening, tooth-colored fillings and cosmetic bonding are among the cosmetic dental services he and his professional staff blend together to produce smiles that are as attractive as they are healthy.


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