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Teeth Whitening in Florham Park has Powerful Results

January 27, 2017

Dull, yellow enamel detracts from smile aesthetics. Learn how Opalescence teeth whitening in Florham Park brightens smiles by up to 10 shades.What impresses you when you first meet someone? The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry says 1 in 2 adults believe smiles are the most noticed physical features. Cosmetic dentist in Florham Park, Dr. John Carollo, agrees and offers Opalescence teeth whitening to help patients improve their tooth color. Are you a candidate for teeth whitening in Florham Park?

How It Works

Your cosmetic dentist uses a safe and effective system of professional teeth whitening. It’s called Opalescence, and applied in-office, it whitens stained enamel by up to 10 shades in about an hour. Opalescence Go produces the same excellent results in the privacy of your own home.

Here’s an important fact:  what we put in our mouths changes how tooth enamel looks. Cigarette smoke, coffee, tea, wine, soy sauce and blueberries–they stain our teeth over time. Plus, when people do not brush or floss diligently, or get professional cleanings with Dr. Carollo, surface stains become a big problem.

Dr. Carollo and his team recommend Opalescence because its active ingredients lift organic matter right out of tooth enamel. Along with the organic matter, stains disappear, and it takes just one hour in the office to get a brilliantly white smile.

First, Dr. Carollo evaluates teeth and gums to ensure they are healthy with no active gum disease or tooth decay. Also, existing restorations and cosmetic work, such as tooth-colored fillings and porcelain veneers, do not whiten; so, Dr. CArollo may suggest different cosmetic treatments for people who with extensive dental work.

Having established good oral health, the dental team swabs on the Opalescence gel which contains a powerful bleaching agent– potassium nitrate combined with fluoride. The fluoride component protects teeth from sensitivity issues.

Opalescence requires no activating lights as other whitening products do. The patient just relaxes in the dental chair as the thick gel penetrates the tooth enamel. After one hour, the gel is removed, and the patient views his or her beautifully bright smile.

Regarding the Opalescence Go option, patients use ready to go trays to apply the potassium nitrate gel. There are no oral impressions or customized trays. Opalescence Go offers three concentrations, maximizing patient choice in how long their treatments last. There are three gel flavors, too.

After Care

After achieving your new look, Dr. Carollo recommends:

  • Good oral hygiene habits at home (brushing twice a day and flossing daily) and professional cleanings every six months
  • Limiting staining foods and beverages (drink your iced coffee with a straw)
  • Smoking cessation (this is good for your overall health, too)
  • Occasional touch-ups at home as needed

Your white smile can last indefinitely with just a little effort on your part!

Free Whitening with Initial Examination

New patients can receive complimentary whitening with their first examinations with Dr. Carollo. He and his team love making their new patients smile!

Find out More

Explore professional teeth whitening. You could have a sparkling smile more quickly than you ever imagined! Contact Dr. John Carollo and his team today to arrange your cosmetic dentistry consultation.

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