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4 Foods to Avoid When You Have Sleep Apnea

January 19, 2021

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Sometimes it’s the little things that might be keeping you up at night. While obesity and anatomy are the biggest risk factors for sleep apnea, there are many other things that could end up making an already existing sleep disorder worse. Certain foods can have a greater influence on your sleep than you realize. If you’ve already needed sleep apnea treatment in Florham Park, then you might want to stay away from these 4 foods that could prevent you from getting the rest you badly need.

1. Bananas

Most fruits and vegetables are excellent choices if you have sleep apnea (particularly if you’re trying to lose weight), but bananas are a very large exception. Eating bananas causes your body to produce more mucus, and that could potentially lead to congestion issues. When your breathing is already being interrupted regularly throughout the night, the last thing you need is mucus making breathing more difficult. You should particularly stay away from overly soft and over-ripe bananas, as they are more likely to have an impact on sleep apnea.

2. High-Fat Dairy Products

Since your weight tends to have a particularly strong impact on sleep apnea, you’ll want to stay away from foods that are high in fat as much as possible. Many dairy products – such as heavy cream, whole milk, cheddar cheese, and butter – tend to contain high levels of fat. Skim milk and part-skim mozzarella cheese can make for good substitutes so that you can still fulfil your dairy needs while also managing your weight.

3. High-Fat Meats

Of course, when it comes to reducing weight for sleep apnea treatment in East Hanover, there are certain meats that you’ll have to be very careful around. Reducing your intake of fatty foods like beef and pork is crucial for reducing sleep apnea symptoms. You should also be wary around fried chicken and fish. (Non-fried fish is alright; in fact, certain fishes such as salmon contain nutrients that help you control your fat intake.)

4. Refined Carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates can be found in white flour, white bread, pastries, sodas, pasta, sweets, and many other foods. They contain high amounts of sugar, which can contribute to weight gain (as well as a host of other oral health problems). You should cut down on these types of foods as much as possible when you’re suffering from sleep apnea. Try increasing your intake of whole grains instead; this might include non-white bread, brown rice, cereals, and pearled barley.

When you go to get sleep apnea treatment in Morris County, be sure to mention any concerns that you may have about your diet and the impact it might be having on your sleep apnea. Taking control of the kind of foods you eat can help you also take control of your sleep disorder.

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Dr. Sonia Motwani focused on advanced general restorative and implant dentistry during her dental residency program. Right now she is enrolled in the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine’s mastery track program in order to enhance her skills in treating sleep apnea with oral appliances. If you think you might have a sleep disorder or have concerns about the way your diet is affecting your rest, schedule a consultation with Dr. Motwani by visiting her website or calling (973) 377-5117.

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